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Cartoon creation editor that anyone can use.

Why Choose EZ Animator

EZ Animator is the quickest, easiest way to make your own cartoons. Import faces of your friends or famous people and create clips. Eveything you need including rendering and uploading to YouTube, voice overs and more.


EZ Animator is less than 10 dollars. No ongoing fees just a once off payment.

Fully customisable

Import photos of your own faces, or backgrounds you've taken with a camera. Make it your own.

Stock Animations and customisable characters.

EZ Animator has lots of stock objects and characters that you can customise.

About EZ Animator

EZ Animator is a one stop shop for making animations.

Everything you need to create a cartoon or animation and upload it to YouTube is right here. EZ Animator is a PC based application combining animation, sound recording and rendering.

The easiest way to make animations.

EZ Animator is an application that lets you create a cartoon. A simple PC app that provides the art and animation. You pick the characters and props you want – move them, animate them. Characters can be customised and you can use speech bubbles or the in-built voice recorder to add voice.


Full Manual available, as well as in-built tutorials that will take you button by button.

Download Manual


Check out some of the videos that were made with EZ Animator.

Promo Video

Overview of EZ Animator

Dreaming of Light Short Film

EZ Animator was used to rapidly create this short film.


Except for the intro, EZ Animator created this short.

Obama's Nite Out

EZ Animator was used to rapidly create this short film.


The trial of goldilocks. Created in 3 hours.


Screenshots from EZ Animator.

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